Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Top 5 Best designed apps on Windows Phone 8

I was a loyal Android user till the day before I purchased my Nokia Lumia 520, with WP8 on it. (I still admire Android, but not over WP8!) Before buying, I made heck of R&D online about WP8. I am a huge fan of flat and minimal UI. That has what appealed to me in Windows Phone. As I started exploring the app store I found both interesting and crappy apps. So I have listed out following apps, which have awesome designs, and they do justify the overall Windows Phone experience.

Network Speed Test allows you to check your current internet connection speed. The logo is simple and conveys what this app does. In ­app experience is good; it shows connection speed on a radial gauge which is pleasant to look at.

4. Pintrest Lite
Pintrest Lite
Most of the list-it-up freaks know what Pintrest is. This is similar to official Pinterest Android or iPhone app on WP store, but the overall UI is nice.

3. Day Counter
Day Counter
This is the most customizable day counter app on WP store. Day Counter categorizes the time since you've done something, has a countdown for what you are set to do, and tells the streaks of things you've already done! All this is beautifully fit on a single screen which tells your progress at a glance.

2. Insider 
This is a must­have app for Windows Phone users. Insider allows you to check battery stats, change your locked­screen image to the current Bing picture of the day, and tile the shortcuts for phone settings (this isn’t otherwise doable). These features are arranged so professionally that you feel awesome about using a cool gadget.

1. Breez 
This app is mind­blowing. If you are looking for a weather app, download this 1Mb piece of beauty. It is worth more than any other weather app out there. After that? Pinch, swipe, scroll. I am in love with this.

There are lots more than these listed above. But as Windows Phone is bit lagging behind Android and iPhone platforms, the variety of apps is little narrow. But this flat and Metro UI by Windows, has given a new dimension to the user interfaces of the apps. It has a bright future ahead, IMO. What do you think?

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